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Wildfire Online Circle

For the luminous spirit who yearns for a flourishing community, who has navigated the depths of darkness only to come out with reinforced strength. For those who bloom amidst other emboldened spirits, who courageously uphold radical self-responsibility, who brace themselves for acceptance in all their numerous shades of shadows and light..

  • 3 x 90min virtual circles a month
  • Meets¬†Tuesdays, 5pm PST
  • Guided lessons, tools, and prompts¬†
  • Surprise Bonuses
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Wild Radiance

Embrace the transformation that awaits you in the "Wild Radiance: Embracing Your Essence and Magnetizing Healthy Relationships" course. It's time to dissolve those unclear boundaries, elevate your self-worth, and unlock your intuition's profound wisdom. 

Embrace Your Inner Wildness:

  • Unleash your true essence.
  • Break free from limiting beliefs.
  • Embrace your authentic self.

Magnetize Healthy Relationships:

  • Attract deep, meaningful connections.
  • Cultivate confidence.
  • Call in partners who match your worth.

Step into Radiant Living:

  • Embody newfound wisdom.
  • Radiate confidence, joy, and authenticity.
  • Transform your world through relationships.
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Beauty in the Breakup

This program is for the Beauty who is ready to write a different story for herself in relationships. You will learn how and when to end a relationship while doing it with love, kindness, and respect. This 9-stage process will elevate all future relationships and give you the tools you would want your daughter to have. 

  • Communicating Needs and Desires¬†
  • Assessing Compatability¬†
  • Squashing the Drama
  • Regaining Sense of Identity¬†
  • Releasing Stuck Emotions and Feelings
  • Healthy Communication Styles
  • Honoring the Sacredness
  • How to Hold Kindness and Respect for Another
  • Creating Healthy Future¬†
  • Healing Aftercare
  • Managing¬†Coping Mechanisms¬†
  • Radical Energetic Reclamation
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Jan 16, 2024

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Sep 08, 2023

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