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 I empower women in their 20s-40s to unearth their most profound reservoirs of self-love. Drawing upon a decade of expertise and a diverse toolkit that encompasses Feminist Studies, Naturopathic and Classical Chinese Medicine, Spiritual Guidance, Hairdressing, Mentorship, and Camp Counseling, I'm here to ignite your journey of holistic healing and expansive growth.

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“Never stop making your own light.”


Hey there!

I'm TIfanie.
Coach + Healer.

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Embrace Your Inner Power,
Unveil the Transformation Within.

I'll start with radical transparency and let you know in my early years, I faced two DUIs by the tender age of 21, using unhealthy habits as a desperate escape from the pain and sorrow I clung to so tightly. It all revolved around my mother's illness, which shattered me. At that point, my self-worth was but a shadow, leading to eating disorders, poor communication, and a succession of toxic relationships. The concept of boundaries eluded me, and self-love remained an enigma, although I did find solace in bubble baths and the occasional shopping spree.

Does this resonate with you? Though it may not seem like it, this narrative need not remain your reality.

I've journeyed through the depths of despair and emerged stronger. It's highly probable that I can empathize with the painful transitions life throws your way and empower you to navigate them with resilience and grace."

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an empowering journey of self-discovery and holistic transformation, guided by a blend of Eastern and Western wisdom, personal insight, and heart-centered support.

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Courses + Circle

offer a nurturing space for community and guidance in magnetizing healthy relationships, embracing your essence, and completing relationships consciously.

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each designed to support women on their journey of self-discovery, inner healing, and conscious relationship completion.

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Wild Radiance:

Live Group Course



Embrace the transformation that awaits you in the "Wild Radiance: Embracing Your Essence and Magnetizing Healthy Relationships" course. It's time to dissolve those unclear boundaries, elevate your self-worth, and unlock your intuition's profound wisdom. This is the course you've been waiting for.

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Let Others Inspire You.

"Before I worked with Tifanie I used to beg for the love I had in my life. Now, I understand what my boundaries are and enjoy my time alone."


"When I had the realization I was people-pleasing to get my needs met, everything shifted. Tifanie helped me understand the subconscious drivers of my actions which allowed me to start behaving much more authentically."

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