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Taking Back What's Mine: A Reclamation of My Body

beautiful wild woman naked nature Sep 08, 2023


Dear Beautiful Wild Woman, 

In a recent series of photos I've been sharing a part of myself in a new light, the lens captures something profound, something wildly different from the conventional, something authentically triumphant. This is not a tale that's told all too often, a spectacle that's put on show in public light- this is a story of reclamation, bravery, and outright resistance.

In a society that commodifies the female body to feed male-centric marketing agendas, where my physique has been used as a means rather than honored as the temple it is, I stand undeterred. I have decided to release a series of photos that go beyond this norm, rebels against this narrative. It is a testament to my journey of turning my body from an object of someone else's pleasure to a sanctuary of my strength and pride.

For years, I have fought against hating my body, against using it as a weapon of self-destruction for the entertainment of the other gender. No more. These pictures represent the shedding of that armor, the awakening of a woman proud and accepting of every inch of her skin. Make no mistake, these photos are radical acts of rebellion. Against societal norms, against years of internalized shame and fear.

This ambitious endeavor is not without purpose. It is more than just about me reclaiming my narrative; it serves a broader goal. I want these photos to embolden women everywhere, to inspire them to feel confident and unapologetically happy in their skin. To inspire women to unlearn destructive societal expectations and to relearn that their bodies are more than mere tools- they are a safe haven, their loving homes.

These pictures capture my happiest self - naked in nature, cradled in the arms of Mother Earth. The rawness and honesty these photos represent are the traits I want every woman to embrace. They hold up a mirror to our common journey - all our scarred pasts, our uncertain present, and our brighter, bolder future.

In essence, this bold move is not for the faint-hearted. It is for all the beautiful warriors who have suffered, struggled, fought, and won. They not only break the glass ceiling but dare to imagine beyond it. Leave no room for fear or dread; you are not alone. Let’s reclaim what is rightfully ours and stand together against the tide of convention. The time for change is now, and it starts with the naked truth - ours and no one else’s.


Should you ever feel the need for guidance, support, or a deeper exploration of your journey, remember that I'm here, ready to walk alongside you. Whether through coaching sessions, our online community, the Autumn guidebook, or my Attracting Healthy Relationships Course, I am here to support your beautiful wild journey.


Embrace your story, your strength, and the endless possibilities of your beautiful wild journey, dear seeker. You are the author of your life, and each chapter is a masterpiece in the making.


With love and unwavering belief in your beauty and wildness,


Tifanie Mayberry

Founder, Beautiful Wild Woman 

@tifaniemayberry & @beautifulwildwoman

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