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The Arc of Your Beautiful Wild Story

beautiful wild woman beauty healing journey life coach women's circle Sep 06, 2023

Dear Beautiful Wild Woman,

Our lives are woven with threads of stories, each chapter shaping us into who we are today. You, dear seeker, are no exception. Your story, your journey, is a testament to your strength, resilience, and unwavering spirit. As you stand at this crossroads, let's take a moment to honor where you've been, where you are now, and where you wish to go.


Chapter 1: The Path Behind

In the pages of the past, you've encountered trials and tribulations, storms that tested your very being. You've been through the wild and unpredictable terrains of life. You've danced with joy under the golden sun and shed tears in the darkest nights. Your story is etched with moments of growth, healing, and transformation.

Do you ever feel like revisiting those old chapters? Perhaps there are unresolved emotions or unexplored facets of your past that continue to shape your present. My coaching sessions offer a safe space to journey back into your story, to heal wounds and unravel hidden treasures.


Chapter 2: The Present Unfolds

Here you stand, in the radiant present moment, embracing your beautiful wild essence. You've gathered wisdom from your past, allowing it to become the foundation upon which you build your future. You revel in your authenticity, your unique journey, and the endless possibilities that each day holds.

Our online virtual circle welcomes kindred spirits like you. A space where you can share your journey, be inspired by others, and harness the collective wisdom of our beautiful wild women. It's a place where your unique story finds resonance.


Chapter 3: The Unwritten Pages

Now, as your story continues, envision the unwritten pages that stretch before you. What dreams stir within your heart? What adventures beckon you with their wild allure? The future is an open canvas, awaiting your brush strokes to paint it with your desires, intentions, and dreams.

Consider embarking on this next chapter with my "Embrace Autumn Guidebook." It's a loving companion to navigate the season's influence on your internal world. Filled with nature-inspired exercises, journaling prompts, rituals, and a special autumn tea recipe, it will empower you to script your unique journey with intention.


Epilogue: Your Beautiful Wild Journey

As your fellow traveler, I want you to know that your journey is sacred, and every twist and turn has led you to this moment. You are strong, capable, and endlessly beautiful in your wildness. The past has shaped you, the present celebrates you, and the future awaits you with boundless potential.

Should you ever feel the need for guidance, support, or a deeper exploration of your journey, remember that I'm here, ready to walk alongside you. Whether through coaching sessions, our online community, the Autumn guidebook, or my Conscious Breakup course, I am here to support your beautiful wild journey.


Embrace your story, your strength, and the endless possibilities of your beautiful wild journey, dear seeker. You are the author of your life, and each chapter is a masterpiece in the making.


With love and unwavering belief in your beauty and wildness,


Tifanie Mayberry

Founder, Beautiful Wild Woman 

@tifaniemayberry & @beautifulwildwoman


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