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If any of this sounds like you:

You’re wondering if you should break up with your partner, but you haven’t decided if you should do it…are your reasons even good enough?

“Overwhelming” is the best word to describe your relationship and love life - not sure if you should stay, go, or if you’re even doing things “right.”

You’ve realized it is time to end your current relationship, but you want to separate in a way that feels healthy and kind…you want to honor the love you created and the time you spent together.

Your childhood and adolescence were filled with adults who modeled the types of behaviors you don’t want to relive. You’re looking for a new way of approaching and being in a relationship.

The burnout is real! You’ve given everything you can to your partner and your relationship, and it still isn’t working…what do you do now?!

You've decided this breakup will not be another traumatic experience that you’ll need months (or years) to recover from.

You want to reconnect with yourself and your needs in a way that feels supportive and will help you emotionally connect with your partner on a deeper level. Yup! Beauty in the Breakup isn’t just about breakups, sometimes, it's about the breakthrough


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Are you considering, going through, or just went through a breakup?



Hi! I'm Tifanie.



I'm a healer, coach, and founder of Beautiful Wild Woman. For the last 15 years, I have spent somewhere near 10,000 hours studying medicine, healing, leading, and spirituality - all to best serve women on their path toward embodied wholeness.

Beautiful Wild Woman was formed to become a collective serving the healing of the Wounded Feminine, those of us who have fallen to false ideas, stories, and harmful beliefs that kept us small. My work is to help you become the most badass, empowered, and embodied Divine Feminine being that no longer needs to play small to make others feel comfortable. Glow on Beauty. 


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 What to Expect

Here are the 3 pivots of your joureny



Communicate your needs. Squash the drama. Build yourself back up. Understand your true desires.



Release harmful feelings. Focus on healthy communication. Honor each other through the sacred process. Define future interactions.



Create healthy support systems. Avoid destructive patterns. Instill powerful practices. Take back your power.


What Others
Have Experienced



"Tifanie holds an incredibly safe and welcoming space as a coach and healer. In our sessions I was able to bring her topics ranging from overwhelm to partnership to motherhood to questioning my path and I was always met with curiosity compassion and guidance."

Michelle, Marketing Director


"Tifanie is truly a one-of-a-kind transformational coach. During our time together, I always felt safe, seen, and supported. Her nurturing energy always allowed me space to share vulnerably and tap into deep emotions."

Tricia, Sound Goddess


Beauty in the Breakup Begins April 27th, 2023

Get ready to turn the page and write a new story. One filled with love, strength, power, and intention. The one where you do live Happily Ever After, but from the place of loving yourself more deeply than ever before. So much so, future generations live better because of it.