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Beauty in the Breakup

a roadmap for women who are contemplating how to consciously break up with their partner without unnecessary drama or pain.  


 What you will get: 

Access to entire course material: lessons, videos, exercises, tools, and more!

Printable Conscious Breakup workbook

 Membership to the Conscious Breakup community


Are you seeking clarity in your breakup process and ready to make this pivot one you look back at with love in your heart? 

By the end of this course, you will be able to find your power, get clear on what you're desiring for your heart, and have confident clear communication with your loved one, all while deciding if and how to part ways in an intentional relationship completion through a methodical approach. 

This is the course we wish our parents took before we were born. 

Great for ALL stages of the breakup! (pre, during, post) 

What you'll learn in this course:

🌹 Contemplate

  •  Communicating needs
  •  Assessing Compatibility
  •  Squashing the drama
  •  Building yourself back up
  •  Understanding your true desires 

🌹 Communicate

  •  Releasing harmful feelings
  •  Learning healthy communication
  •  Making the process sacred
  •  Honoring another with love and kindness
  •  Understanding your future interactions  

🌹 Complete 

  •  Seeking healthy support
  •  Avoiding destructive patterns
  •  Instilling powerful practices
  •  Taking your power and energy back 


What People Are Saying:

Tifanie holds an incredibly safe and welcoming space as a coach and healer. In our sessions I was able to bring her topics ranging from overwhelm to partnership to motherhood to questioning my path and I was always met with curiosity compassion and guidance. I found that her life experience allowed her to connect with me on any level, and always appreciated the unique insight she was able to provide about Chinese medicine and the connection between my experiences and my body. She always offers this insight in ways that are honoring, not imposing. Through our sessions I feel I was able to connect more to my body and value the messages it sends me. Tifanie brings more than just coaching skills, she has an incredible intuition that helps guide her sessions!


Tifanie is truly a one of a kind transformational coach. During our time together, I always felt safe, seen and supported. Her nurturing energy always allowed me space to share vulnerably and tap into deep emotions. I appreciate her added knowledge about the body and Chinese medicine. Her passion for her work and desire to help people always shined through our sessions. I am so grateful for the support I received and the breakthroughs I experienced from working together. I highly recommend her services!


I had the privilege of receiving an ancestral healing session from Tifanie. I was curious about it and from having orbited around Tifanie for a while and having had glimpses of her many skills, I thought she could be the perfect coach to guide me into such an unknown territory. That experience was for me nothing short of bewildering and awe- inspiring. It left me with the answers I had been looking for for some time, and full of love towards my journey, my immediate family and all those who came before me and whose lives made mine possible. I was blown-away by what we were able to uncover in just 90 minutes. Tifanie guided me with compassion, intuition and extreme knowledge, making me feel safe and held in a loving space all the time.